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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a study of numbers and their influential energies that affect the lives of people on a regular basis. With daily interactions, these numbers carry certain energetic vibrations that impact humanity on a cosmic level. Every vibration is deemed as unique, which makes every interaction affect us in a different way.
It is a mode of study that has an impact on people as well as businesses on a financial and branding level. The most common Numerology Services involve Logo Designing as per Numerology, Business Naming and branding.

Logo Designing as per Numerology

A well curated logo design gives the business direction, faith, energy and meaning. Creating a logo based on numerology also adds value to your brand equity. The logo of a business/ company is the first contact between the audience and you. It draws down a clear distinction between your competition and you with regard to similar products and services. A logo as recognised by most commercial enterprises, organizations or even individuals is a means of public recognition and is a key factor to successful branding and marketing of your business.
While designing your logo, it is quite important to choose the right colors, texts, fonts and shapes to represent your business, as it can greatly predict the future path of your venture.

Why do you need a Numerology based Logo for business?

Logos created based on Numerology have the ability to raise the vibrations of the brand and energize them to transform into a magnet for prosperity and opportunities. The cosmic energies of numerology increases the luck factor, avoids negative subliminal influences and synchronizes your auspicious element with your brand. On the branding and marketing aspect, it conveys a strong message for the brand and uplifts the underlying value of the company.
A “strong” logo also, acts as a shield against future misfortunes against the company and acts as an effective dynamic against pitfalls, while seeking success proactively. The input of numerology’s principle can drastically improve the prospective growth of the company, thus, attracting attention towards your brand. Based on this theory, we determine how lucky your logo can be for you and make changes accordingly to curate a logo that is compliant to a company’s upward graph. Some of the best logo designs created as per numbers/ numerology also tend to have long survivability skills.
On the other hand, a “weak” logo curated inappropriately may face obstacles regularly and affect the company’s growth.

Business Name as per Numerology

Numerology is a science believing that any & every name has a numerical value and greatly impacts the vibrations of a business’s success and growth. Getting your numbers right is absolutely important and can help you in determining what’s best for your business. Business Naming involves using the ancient method of expression numbers that determine your company’s scientific number, ultimately revealing how your company will perform if it uses the correct product name according to the numerology service.

Our Approach towards Numerology - What we need from you!

To curate the perfect logo design and business name, we require the following information from your side:

  • Provide us with the name & date of birth of the owners or partners.
  • Name & date of incorporation of the business/company.
  • Type of Business
After we receive the above mentioned details, we will work on some design options and send them to you. With some minor changes and preferred choices, we will work on a final design and deliver you with the same. With Emblem’s exceptional services, touch the limits of the sky.

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