Welcome to our unique approach to logo design, where we delve into the mystical realms of Numerology, Vastu, and Feng Shui to create logos that resonate with the energy and essence of your business. Our process is a meticulous journey that combines ancient wisdom with modern design principles, ensuring your logo becomes a powerful emblem of success. Let’s walk you through each step of this transformative process:

Embark on this transformative journey with us, where the ancient wisdom of numerology, Vastu, and Feng Shui converges with contemporary design principles to create a logo that truly resonates with the soul of your business. Elevate your brand with a logo that not only looks good but vibrates with positive energy.

Proceduce of Service

Step 1: Numerological Calculations


To the process, we begin by harnessing the energy of your client’s date of birth. Through precise numerological calculations, we unveil specific numbers that carry favorable vibrations. These numbers become the foundation for determining colors, shapes, and overall design elements.


Step 2: Identifying Favorable Elements


Building upon the numerological insights, we unveil the auspicious colors and shapes associated with the client’s energy profile. Each color and shape carries a unique vibrational frequency, aligning the logo with the positive energies that will support the client’s business endeavors.


Step 3: Ideation Based on Business Nature


Understanding the nature of your client’s business is crucial. We brainstorm and ideate logo concepts that not only align with the numerological findings but also encapsulate the essence and purpose of the business. This phase is about creating a visual representation that harmonizes with the business’s inherent energy.


Step 4: Client Consultation


We engage in a detailed discussion with the client to share our numerological insights and proposed design ideas. This collaborative dialogue ensures that the client’s vision and our expert recommendations find a common ground, setting the stage for a harmonious design process.


Step 5: Design Brief Presentation


Once consensus is reached, we provide the client with a comprehensive design brief. This document outlines the proposed logo concept, explaining the symbolism behind chosen elements, colors, and shapes. This step ensures transparency and mutual understanding.


Step 6: Initial Design Concepts


Embarking on the creative journey, we develop 3-4 initial design concepts. Each concept is carefully crafted, integrating numerological insights, Vastu, and Feng Shui principles. These designs serve as a visual representation of the collaborative vision crafted during the consultation phase.


Step 7: Detailed Evaluation


Examining the designs from every angle, we meticulously assess each element’s positioning and overall harmony. This step involves a thorough analysis of how the logo aligns with the principles of Vastu and Feng Shui to ensure a balanced and positive energy flow.


Step 8: Iterative Refinement


Based on client input, we make iterative refinements to the chosen design, fine-tuning details and ensuring every aspect resonates with the desired energies. This process may involve multiple rounds of adjustments to achieve perfection.


Step 9: Final Presentation


Presenting the client with 2-3 refined design options based on their recommendations. Each design reflects the collaborative effort and iterative refinement process, providing the client with choices that align with their vision.


Step 10: Final Checks


Before finalizing, we conduct a final evaluation, checking the logo from all angles, both literally and energetically. This step ensures that the logo not only meets design standards but also adheres to the principles of balance and positivity.


Step 11: Client Approval and Delivery


Once the client approves the final design, we proceed to deliver the project. The logo, now a powerful amalgamation of numerological precision and harmonious energies, is ready to embark on its journey as the visual representation of the client’s business.

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